Winter Giveaway #1!
K-2 Holiday Math Puzzles

Enjoy a FREE download of fun holiday-themed math puzzles!
(and be sure to check out Giveaway #2 as well)

This holiday season, our Happy Numbers team would like to thank you for the important work you do teaching children. As our gift to you, please enjoy a FREE download of fun holiday-themed math puzzles we've created for you! 

This 15-page bundle is great for:

  • An independent center
    (freeing you up to craft, set up, or clean up!)
  • A meaningful filler activity
    (when that holiday concert ends earlier than expected!)
  • A take-home activity during winter recess
    (to keep students and parents sharp!)

Best wishes for Happy Holidays and we look forward to serving you in the New Year!

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Our engaging puzzles encourage critical thinking and strengthen basic math skills - from recognizing patterns to representing numbers to performing operations.
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